A trip to the emergency department is a frightening and intimidating event for patients and their family members. Thrust into a fast-paced, unfamiliar environment, patients instantly reply upon the medical acumen and technical capabilities of the hospital and its staff. Quality care, a friendly setting, and an efficient and effective process for evaluating and treating patients are paramount. At Emergency Health Partners, the ultimate focus of our services is the health, happiness and well-being of patients and staff alike.

We are driven to create an exceptional patient care experience. We are champions of a productive work environment, treating our staff with utmost professionalism and our clients with exceptional care. As demonstrated through a low attrition rate, our family of physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants are passionate about their work and committed to helping people.

Emergency Health Partners recruits high quality physicians to join our esteemed group. With a keen focus on equitable compensation, quality communications, and standardized practices within the system hospitals, we are ideally suited to ensure this operational excellence. Our democratic governance process empowers our knowledgeable team to make the decisions necessary to best serve our patients.

To ensure successful hiring and retention of the finest emergency physicians, we promote an equitable democratic partnership tract where physicians can take ownership in their work and their future. Without this, many emergency physicians working as employees within large contract management groups become disillusioned, resulting in frequent turnover of physicians in the emergency department. Allowing the individual emergency physician to work in a democratic environment leads to stability, physician retention, and ownership which ultimately benefits the hospital and the system.

Key Points About Emergency Health Partners: 

  • Employs Physicians Board Certified or Board Eligible that are clinically competent, highly professional, patient focused and devoted to customer friendly service
  • Physician owned and actively practicing Emergency Medicine in West Michigan
  • Partnership Track model available to new recruits -Over 20 years of services in West Michigan
  • Robust integrated Management Approach to Quality and Performance Improvement
  • The cornerstone of our patient care is the delivery of the highest clinical quality and professional bedside manner.
  • Our quality and patient satisfaction programs are designed to monitor and constantly improve care delivery. Patients seek out institutions whose doctor’s exemplify this approach.

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